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4 Point Inspections

After Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1992 the 4-point inspection was introduced due to the high number of insurance claims. The inspection covers the 4 major systems (roof, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC) . One of the reasons insurance companies request a 4-point inspection is to determine if the homeowner is “keeping up” with property maintenance and repairs. In 2018, the regulations for the 4-point inspection changed. One of the additions is a mandatory 4-point inspection for Florida homes over 30 years old. This being a mandatory inspection it’s a good upgrade to do while performing your home inspection.


Your 4 point inspection report will include the following:

At DWB Inspections, we believe that hiring a professional home inspector is one of the most important steps in the

• Roof Structure and Condition: Our experienced home inspectors will thoroughly evaluate the condition of the roof, including its age, materials, drainage, noticeably damaged parts, vents, and overall condition.

• Electrical System Condition: We examine the condition of the electrical components, including the wiring, grounding, connections, outlets, and visibility of damaged or inadequate electrical components.

• HVAC System Condition: We review the age, type, and condition of the air conditioning and heating systems of the home and inspect any visible damage.

• Plumbing System Condition: Our inspections also include a review of the plumbing system, checking for visible signs of damage in pipes, fixtures, fittings, and drainage systems.