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DWB Inspections is a Navy veteran-owned and operated home inspection services company in Port St Lucie, Florida. Our certified professional home inspectors are dedicated to providing personalized, tailored home inspection services to our clients. We take great pride in our commitment to providing comprehensive evaluations of our clients’ homes, to ensure their safety and well-being in their homes.


We inspect homes inside and outside

At DWB Inspections, we understand that buying or selling a home is an important decision. That’s why our team of certified professional home inspectors is here to provide an objective, detailed evaluation of your home. Every inspection we perform includes a comprehensive visual examination of the entire home from top to bottom, inside and out, to identify current and potential problems that could affect the value and comfort of your home.

Interior Inspection Coverage
Exterior Inspection Coverage

Professional Home Inspection Services & Detailed Report

Roof, Electrical System
Plumbing, and HVAC System

Punch Out Lists

New Homes, Review Contractor Work Missed & Final Inspection

An examination of the pool, all components and equipment

Home Inspectors

We take great pride in our team, as they are our most valuable asset and the driving force behind delivering the outstanding service and quality of our home inspection services.


Comprehensive Inspections

At DWB Inspections, we are committed to providing comprehensive home inspections so that our clients can make well-informed decisions regarding their home purchase or sale. Our team of professional inspectors is trained to identify any potential issues with the home that could affect the value and comfort of the home. Our inspection team will provide a detailed report of their findings, which will include information on any safety issues that may be present, in addition to any needed repairs or maintenance that would be beneficial to the home or its inhabitants.


Our primary clientele
belong to these 4 groups

For Realtors

Back up your client’s best interests with a comprehensive home inspection from us.

For Buyers

During the stressful and emotional time of purchasing a home, you need an expert.

For Sellers

Provide your prospective buyers with a detailed report backing up your home’s value.

For Home Owners

Whether you just moved in or you have been there for years, you need an expert opinion.