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Wind Mitigation


Why are Wind Mitigation Home Inspection Services Important?

A Wind Mitigation Inspection is an insurance required inspection on homes built before 2003 due to construction law changes. The inspection looks at your roof covering, the way it is fastened to the rafters, and the way the rafters are connected to the structure, and window and door protection storm coverings. We are basically looking for ways for wind and debris to enter the home.

Benefits Of Wind Mitigation Home Inspections

Wind mitigation home inspection services from DWB Inspections provide numerous benefits to homeowners:

• Lower insurance premiums due to home improvements that increase wind-resistance
• Improved safety of occupants of the home in the event of high wind events
• Faster and more accurate assessment of potential damage to the home as a result of high winds
• Better understanding of the current condition of the home and any necessary repairs that should be completed to ensure maximum safety